Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Contention over the Pacifier

Why would these:
Cause contention between these:

Could it be because of this?:

Tyson is terribly addicted to his 'paci's'. He loves them more than anything else. For quite some time he's only been allowed to have them when he's going to sleep, which has gone well unless he's trying to sneak them. I decided his 3rd birthday would be the day he'd get them taken away. I've been talking to him about it trying to prepare him. I've been telling him that big boys don't need paci's, they're for babies, etc. Well, Scott apparently didn't get the memo that the 3rd birthday was the day they'd be confiscated. Actually, he got the memo, he just decided he wanted the paci's gone sooner. So the past few weeks he's been telling Tyson he doesn't need them anymore. And I keep telling Scott I'm prepping Tyson for his birthday. Here is why: he LOVES his paci's, I don't want to see him sad, and I REALLY don't want to hear him crying at night. I also have this fear that if we take the paci, he'll quit napping (he's never really been able to fall asleep with out one). And that, I don't want! (Yes, I'm as addicted as him, something I swore I'd never do!) Anyway, last night, Scott put Tyson in bed and made him a deal. He'd read him an extra story if Tyson would go to bed with out the paci. Tyson agreed (not fully understanding what he was getting himself into). Scott came into our room and said 'just fyi, he doesn't have a paci, but it's on his dresser if he wakes up in the night.' I was MAD! I had a paci plan, and this was not it! I didn't want last night to be the night I had to hear Tyson cry himself to sleep, and I didn't want today to be my first day without Tyson taking a nap...I have stuff I need to do! Scott basically said I could give it back to him (he was whining in his room-yes, we still have a monitor set up in there), and I said I couldn't because that would be going back on the deal he'd made. When I explained to Scott that I wasn't ready for this, he said I could give it back to him for nap today, it was just a one night deal. But my thought is, if you go through one night, you might as well stick with it. Consistency, right?! Anyway, I'm happy to say he whined for about 10 minutes and then went to bed. He did come downstairs this morning from the night with a paci in his mouth (he pushed over a box in his room so he could reach the paci on his dresser). And I'm certain he got it this morning and not last night because he woke up with a bad dream at about 3am and when I went in to comfort him he didn't have it, nor did he ask for it, so he definitely got it this morning. So now I just had to deal with nap time today (which I was partially dreading because of the paci thing, but SO looking forward to because I was exhausted after barely sleeping last night)...I put him down, and he immediately asked for his paci (all of which I'd hidden at this point). I told him no, he was a big boy now, which he responded with 'I'm the baby!'. Which is hilarious because he always says he's the big boy and Cooper is the baby. He's a master manipulator! Anyway, I told him no and left the room. Well, I could hear him playing in there, but I thought he'd eventually settle down. 20 minutes later he showed up in my room. I told him he could take a nap with me, and of course he asked for the paci. I said no. After about 30 minutes of lying in bed with me (saying he's hungry, telling me he's not tired-behind yawns, telling me he is tired and needs his paci, etc.) he finally fell asleep! He did it. So, I know we may have a few more bed/nap times that are slightly tough, but nothing compared to what I was worried about. I guess Scott was right (ugh) and the paci dependency can be broken! I'm proud of my little man!

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Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Julia is SUPER addicted to hers too! I'm SO dreading the day I take them away. Glad to hear it wasn't so bad for you! I think I'm super addicted too! haha! Keep posting any tips if you have them!