Monday, April 11, 2011

Scott's Graduation!

On April 8th, Scott GRADUATED from the Police Academy. This is not an easy process. He was gone Monday-Friday for most of the 19 weeks he was there, leaving me a single mom on week days. The academy is a 39 credit hour process, can you imagine cramming 39 credit hours into 4 months? He had multiple tests every week, written, physical, etc. He also had papers to write, work outs to do, boxing tests, driving tests, and being pepper sprayed to go through. It was a long 19 weeks, but I'm SO proud of him. His class was so exceptional that they received a special award for excelling academically. He worked so hard, and it's paying off! He's very excited, and is now officially Officer Nelson (with a badge, radio, gun, and all!) He now has to complete 15 weeks of on the job training where he'll ride along with another officer, and then he'll be all on his own. In (supposedly) the most dangerous Indian Reservation in the nation. Yeah, he failed to mention that to me before he took the job. Here is my sexy cop husband...
No you can't have him, and no, he can't get you out of a ticket.
31 weeks pregnant! So glad he graduated before the baby came, they don't let them out for anything!
Right before graduation, Tyson told me he wanted to be a police officer too.
Scott's parents were able to make it down for the graduation. It was great to have them here! Tyson really loved playing with them all weekend.
These are all the recruits from Scott's Police Department that went through the academy with him. What a good looking group of cops!


Jenn said...

My brother served most of his mission in that Indian reservation, I think. He'll be safe and congratulations!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations! Sorry we were weren't there, but what an exciting new chapter in your lives!