Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Scott and I Halloween night.

Tyson taking off to Trick or Treat by himself. We had already gone up and down two streets, but he wasn't done yet!

Grandpa taking Tyson around again.

Grandpa and Tyson dressed up.

Yes, his face is dirty. Scott let Tyson get into the candy BEFORE pictures because he was grumpy.

"I'm a big boy!"

Cutest pirate ever!

He left that earring in the whole night! What a good boy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photo Shoot

Here are some photos from our shoot with Jennifer Hughes on 8/13/09. They turned out real cute! Tyson is a stud!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And The Worst Blogger Award goes to...

I know, I know, it's been forever. I just wanted to write some quick things on what Tyson has been up to lately. I'll just make some lists to make it easy for all to see.
Things He's Doing:
-On Tyson's 1st Birthday (May 20th), he blew out his own birthday candle.
-Tyson learned how to walk backwards a few weeks ago, and he thinks he's pretty hot stuff!
-Tyson is very good at teasing. Ask him to come, and he walks backwards away from you, with a sly smile. I can't help but laugh.
-He learned how to climb the dinner table chairs and he does this for about 2 hours a day. He also climbs up on the table and walks around, much to my dismay!
-Tyson has fallen and made his mouth bleed 3 times in the last week. I should start saving for veneers.
-Tyson LOVED riding the sea-doo at Lake Powell. He even fell asleep on it!
-He loves swimming. He jumps off the kiddy step in the pool for us to catch him, and he even counts '1, 2, 3' because that's what we do. You can't really understand it, but we know that's what he's doing.
-He also does not mind putting his head in the water. He thinks it's funny.
He finds sneezing hilarious.
-He also finds burping and 'passing gas' hilarious too (thanks to his dad!). He makes pretend noises and laughs and laughs. Thanks Scott.
-Tyson has been mimicking all of our sounds lately, very cute. He's pretty good at it too!
-Tyson LOVES the cats. Indie is the only one that lets him snuggle, so he lays all over Indie and kisses him and even pulls his tail, and Indie allows it. Tyson also loves to throw balls at the cats. The cats don't really appreciate it.
-Starting about 3 days ago, Tyson has been sleeping in until 7am. HOORAY! He also goes to bed earlier (anywhere between 9 and 10). He used to go to bed between 10 and 11 and wake up between 5 and 6. So, I'm stoked. He's also down to 2 naps. He was doing 3 until Lake Powell messed up his schedule. I'm good with 2 though, because apparently it means he sleeps longer at night. Needless to say, I feel great in the mornings now!
-Tyson still loves music. As soon as we get him in the car, he starts dancing because he knows we play music in the car.
-Tyson also loves to sing. It is the cutest thing ever!
-His favorite show is still Imagination Movers, and whenever we say those words, he runs to the TV in preparation.
-Tyson says 'hot' all the time and blows on his hot food. He even says 'hot' about the cement outside.
-He loves 'playing' the wii. He sees us swinging the wii remote around, so now he'll find anything (a tv remote, a random toy, a flashlight) and swing it around while facing the tv and he grunts and groans as he swings, like it's really tough to play wii. (Don't know where he gets that...;)
He blows kisses when it's night time and whenever we say blow kisses. Love it!
Words he's saying:
Amma (gramma)
Umu (up)
Hah (hot)
Oww (out)
Nanana (no)
Dahg (dog)
Heather insists he says her name, I've yet to hear it
Kiten (Kirsten)
Kiiy (kitty)-he used to say that, he regressed
more - on occasion
uh, oh, eeh (1, 2, 3)
Words he's signing:
Please (his personal favorite)
Cookie (Grandma taught him that!)
All done
Hi (waves)
Bye (waves-differently than 'hi' though)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teeth and Ears

Tyson got his first tooth last Friday! I would post pictures, but Tyson will not allow us to get a good look at it, so there is NO way we are going to get a picture. I've only actually seen the tooth twice. He really only lets us feel it, and refuses to open his mouth in a way to let it be seen. We went to the doctor today, and she confirmed he's going to be getting two on top and the other bottom one as well very soon (very swollen gums). That's why he's been so slobbery!

Poor Tyson has been sick since Sunday. He was fine all morning on Sunday, and it was Scott's turn to take him to Priesthood, and by the time we were out, Tyson was burning up. We thought it was because he was teething, but we weren't sure. We brought him home, took his temperature which was about 102, and gave him some tylenol. He ran a fever that whole night, so I set my alarm every 3 hours to give him tylenol (because his fever was getting up to 103.7). By the morning, he was doing much better, so we didn't call the doctor (thinking it was the flu or something). Then Monday night, he got a low fever and was a little fussy. He had a hard time sleeping, but not bad. By Tuesday morning, he was fine. So, still didn't call the doctor, thinking it was just a virus (I feel really bad about it now). Tuesday night (after the doctors office was closed), he got a low fever again, and would not sleep or drink his bottle (he usually loves his bottle), and was really fussy (for Tyson, anyway). We kept a really close eye on him that night (he slept in our bed with us), and we called the doctor as soon as their office opened this morning. They got us in right away, and it turns out he was a horrible ear infection on the right side. Poor kid! He was just such a good boy, we didn't know how bad it was. He's now on antibiotics, and he's finally snoozing (it's a miracle, after his lack of sleep the last 24 hours). He also finally took a (small) bottle this afternoon. He'll be fine in a few days, I just feel like a horrible mom for not taking him in sooner!

January Pictures

Here are some pictures a lady in our ward took of Tyson back in January. They turned out super cute!

Tyson LOVES to bang on things. He's going to play the drums someday! This is his favorite too, a pie pan! It's REALLY loud!

Mommy giving Tyson kisses.

Trying to make Tyson laugh (I think he was getting grumpy by this point in the shoot).

So cute!

Tyson and Daddy. Tys loves sitting on our shoulders.


I like this one a lot!

And this too! I think it's my favorite.

The family, Tys and Mommy's hand, and Tyson looking so fly in his fur hoodie.

He looks so great in this one!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I took Tyson to Scott's work (he works at an elementary school) for lunch on Friday. We thought we'd try swinging. It was his first time, and he LOVED it! He laughed (his scrunchy nose laugh) and put his arms up like a 'big boy'. It was a lot of fun.

He also went down the slide with daddy. He liked it, but not as much as swinging.

Yesterday, Scott and I went out for a date and left Tyson with our friend's Rhiannon and Jeremy. When we got back, Rhiannon nonchalantly said "Tyson took a few steps tonight." Scott and I were like, "What??" We had some frozen yogurt (Tyson loves cold treats), so we bribed Tyson with that. He took 8 steps towards the frozen yogurt! What a big kid! I can not believe it, nor am I ready for it! He's only 9 1/2 months! Crazy kid! Sorry, no pictures yet. He's not feeling well today, so he hasn't tried at all today. Next time he does it, we'll get it on camera to show everyone!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the Back Yard

Tyson loves to be outside. He loves walks, and he'll even fall asleep peacefully in his stroller if we're taking a walk outside. (He never falls asleep peacefully unless he is in his own bed with his snuggly). So Here's a cute picture of him outside with Grandma Jenni when Kirsten and I were taking pictures:

Look how stinkin' cute he is:

Tyson's new favorite thing is to kick. He kicks everything. He'll stand up, holding onto me, the couch, or whatever he can, and kick whatever is near him on the floor. It can be his pacifier, a ball, clothes, or anything else lying around. Last night we were at the adult session of Stake Conference, and he was sitting on the floor with his legs spread out but curved, and he was kicking his pacifier back and forth between his legs. When he kicked it too far away, he grabbed it with his hand, and tried to put it back between his feet because he thought it was so fun. It was hilarious! We're going to have to sign him up for soccer, much to his father's dismay! Here's Tyson, kicking a hole in the ground:

Tyson HATES having his diaper changed now. If I can even get a clean diaper on him, I'm lucky. He's the master escape artist, so if he gets away without pants, I let him go if I've already been working on the diaper change for way too long! (sometimes it takes a full 5 minutes for the whole thing)

Lately, Tyson has been doing this funny scrunchy nose laugh thing. He opens his mouth wide, scrunches his nose, and breathes/laughs really loud. It's really funny, and I have no idea where he got it. He does it all the time! Here it is in action:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

At the Beach!

Of course we made a stop at the beach on our visit to Carlsbad! It was FREEZING though! I buttoned Tyson into my coat because it was SO cold. We had a lot of fun, and of course made a stop for Thrifty's ice cream on the way home. MMM...

Don't forget to Aim!

We went to the archery range to practice our skills when the Merkleys came to visit. It was a lot of fun! I shot a few over the target, but I wasn't the only one! Haha. We got some great pictures of Tyson too. He's the cutest baby ever!

Christmas Day

Tyson LOVED opening gifts. His favorites were his ball, and (surprisingly) his clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. What a funny kid!

Christmas Eve

Of Course, we all got new jammies for Christmas Eve. Here is the evidence:

Our Little Family.

New PJ's

Tyson LOVED his new jammies, he danced. And opening was fun!