Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And The Worst Blogger Award goes to...

I know, I know, it's been forever. I just wanted to write some quick things on what Tyson has been up to lately. I'll just make some lists to make it easy for all to see.
Things He's Doing:
-On Tyson's 1st Birthday (May 20th), he blew out his own birthday candle.
-Tyson learned how to walk backwards a few weeks ago, and he thinks he's pretty hot stuff!
-Tyson is very good at teasing. Ask him to come, and he walks backwards away from you, with a sly smile. I can't help but laugh.
-He learned how to climb the dinner table chairs and he does this for about 2 hours a day. He also climbs up on the table and walks around, much to my dismay!
-Tyson has fallen and made his mouth bleed 3 times in the last week. I should start saving for veneers.
-Tyson LOVED riding the sea-doo at Lake Powell. He even fell asleep on it!
-He loves swimming. He jumps off the kiddy step in the pool for us to catch him, and he even counts '1, 2, 3' because that's what we do. You can't really understand it, but we know that's what he's doing.
-He also does not mind putting his head in the water. He thinks it's funny.
He finds sneezing hilarious.
-He also finds burping and 'passing gas' hilarious too (thanks to his dad!). He makes pretend noises and laughs and laughs. Thanks Scott.
-Tyson has been mimicking all of our sounds lately, very cute. He's pretty good at it too!
-Tyson LOVES the cats. Indie is the only one that lets him snuggle, so he lays all over Indie and kisses him and even pulls his tail, and Indie allows it. Tyson also loves to throw balls at the cats. The cats don't really appreciate it.
-Starting about 3 days ago, Tyson has been sleeping in until 7am. HOORAY! He also goes to bed earlier (anywhere between 9 and 10). He used to go to bed between 10 and 11 and wake up between 5 and 6. So, I'm stoked. He's also down to 2 naps. He was doing 3 until Lake Powell messed up his schedule. I'm good with 2 though, because apparently it means he sleeps longer at night. Needless to say, I feel great in the mornings now!
-Tyson still loves music. As soon as we get him in the car, he starts dancing because he knows we play music in the car.
-Tyson also loves to sing. It is the cutest thing ever!
-His favorite show is still Imagination Movers, and whenever we say those words, he runs to the TV in preparation.
-Tyson says 'hot' all the time and blows on his hot food. He even says 'hot' about the cement outside.
-He loves 'playing' the wii. He sees us swinging the wii remote around, so now he'll find anything (a tv remote, a random toy, a flashlight) and swing it around while facing the tv and he grunts and groans as he swings, like it's really tough to play wii. (Don't know where he gets that...;)
He blows kisses when it's night time and whenever we say blow kisses. Love it!
Words he's saying:
Amma (gramma)
Umu (up)
Hah (hot)
Oww (out)
Nanana (no)
Dahg (dog)
Heather insists he says her name, I've yet to hear it
Kiten (Kirsten)
Kiiy (kitty)-he used to say that, he regressed
more - on occasion
uh, oh, eeh (1, 2, 3)
Words he's signing:
Please (his personal favorite)
Cookie (Grandma taught him that!)
All done
Hi (waves)
Bye (waves-differently than 'hi' though)