Thursday, October 23, 2008

Schnepf Farms

The Family. Tyson is laughing.
Tyson and Mommy
Tyson trying to ride the goat.
Notice he's pulling the goats hair?!
Tyson wants to eat the goat here, look at his open mouth!

Tonight we went to Schnepf Farms. It was super fun. Tyson's favorite part was the barn with the animals. We saw goats, pigs, a cow, a donkey, some chickens and ducks. We even got to pet the goats. Tyson LOVES animals! We also watched a pig race, we rode on these bike 'cars' as a family, we took a Hay ride to see some deer, we ate churros and we picked out a big pumpkin (mostly I picked out the pumpkin, Tyson fell asleep, and Scott said 'that one is fine', haha). All in all, we had a really great time, and will for sure go again next year!

Tyson's first taste of food!

First Taste

Reaching for the bowl
"I don't really like this stuff"

Tyson had food (rice cereal) for the first time yesterday. He was really confused on his first bite. He ate about 10 tiny bites, then decided he was really sick of it. The whole time we were feeding him, he was reaching for the bowl. When he was finished, he was REALLY finished. I mean, he totally spit out the food onto us. We're going to keep trying!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tyson had a doctor appointment yesterday. He weighs 15lbs3oz (50%), is 26.5in (90%) and his head is 43cm around (75.5%). So basically, he's perfect! (Isn't that what parents are supposed to write on these things?!) He also had his shots. I hate those shots. Last night and today he's had a fever and feels yucky. Poor kid. He did smile at the nurse right after the shots were over with though, so I don't think he's holding any grudges. He's such a flirt! We love him for it though!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gap's Casting Call

A friend took these photos of Tyson last week. I sent these into Gap's Casting Call (thanks Mindy). He's SO stinkin cute, and he has such a great personality. I really think it shows in these photos. Scott and I were looking at them last night, and I just couldn't believe how great and happy Tyson looked in every single one of them. He's great. We love him SO much!
PS. If he doesn't win (or at least get into the finals), the judges must be blind.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tyson and the Alligator

Laying on his Alligator
Eating his Alligator
Chilling on his Alligator watching TV.

Here are some pictures of Tyson and his stuffed Alligator. He LOVES that toy! I think he thinks it is like the cats (He LOVES the cats) because it is soft like them. He also LOVES television. (I know, it's bad). His thought process (I'm assuming): "I love my alligator, I love my tv, what more could I ask for?" He also loves the fire truck on his shirt. I think Tyson had a great day.

Our Anniversary

We had a great Anniversary this year. We dropped Tyson off with my mom, and had a nice candlelit dinner of pasta and crab (we made it at home), and then watched 1 disc of How I Met Your Mother Season 3 (one of our favorite shows). It was so nice to relax with each other. Scott got me a new printer (it prints great photos) and beautiful red roses. He is such a great guy, and I'm so glad I married him. We have a great life together, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you Scott!

Halloween Plates

One day I was playing around online and I found these SUPER cute silhouette plates. Danny Seo came up with the idea. They are just white plates I reglazed with black to make cool Halloween silhouettes. I think they turned out great. (Instructions: I want to make some for Fall (I'll just use leaves and do orange, red and yellow for glaze) and Christmas (haven't thought those over yet) and pretty much every holiday. I put them in my China Cabinet and they look so great! It cost me about $25 dollars, and some of the materials are reusable (sticker paper, which was the most expensive part). I picked up the plates at a secondhand store, so they were super cheap. You can buy the porcelain glaze at Michaels and it's like, 5 bucks (I also used me 40% off one item for that week). The hardest part was peeling off the sticker after glazing. That was VERY difficult. I even picked up GooGone (or whatever it's called) to try and get them off. But, there is still some gunk on the plates (I need to try again.) Anyway, it was a fun inexpensive project that turned out super cute! And yes, those are my toes at the bottom of the picture. Haha, I had to stand on the chair to get all the plates in the picture!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Great Day

Today has been a great day. First, Tyson and I went to Jennifer Hughes home so she could take pictures of Tyson. She got some beautiful pictures of him, and I'm so excited to get them in a couple of days and post them. Then Scott, Tyson and I went to Pita Jungle (my favorite food in the world) and we got some Hummus with chicken and I got a broiled chicken Pita. It was as delicious as ever. When we got home, Scott went to get the mail, and we received a letter from DES (Department of Economic Security). We were FINALLY approved for AHCCCS (health insurance). After 4 months of fighting, crying, and waiting, we were approved. I feel totally blessed. And to top it all off, tomorrow is our Anniversary! Crazy, right?! It's been a great day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is why I love Coupons!

K-mart is doubling coupons up to $2 (so $2 would be $4), and this NEVER happens anywhere. Even though I despise K-mart, I thought I just couldn't pass this deal up. So this is what I got:

1 Clearasil Face Wash (.79)
2 Edge Shaving Cream (.79 each)
1 Large bag of Dental Floss Picks (2.50-no coupon)
2 Oral-B toothbrushes (.69 each)
1 box of condoms (1.49)
2 Tide Laundry Soap (26 loads) (3.00 each)
1 Beggin' Strips dog treats (1.29)
2 bags Better than Pig ear dog treats (9 per bag) (.67 each)
2 Glade Candles (.89 each)
1 Scott extra soft Toilet Paper (12 count) (3.50)
1 Dog Collar (5.49-no coupon)
1 bag Fun Size Snickers (1.00)
1 bag Snack Size Twix (1.00)
1 Large Dove Candy Bar (.29)
Total Spent: $32.26
Saved: $32.73

I love saving more than I spend. And I love a good deal!