Monday, April 11, 2011

The Last 10 months (continued)...

In March, Tyson and I went to Disneyland with my parents and sisters. Scott wasn't able to go because he had to work (still in the academy), which was a bummer. But, we still managed to have a fantastic time. Tyson's favorite rides were the Toy Story ride at California Adventure (it's a 3-D shooting game that is like carnival games, but all 3-D), and the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland, which also happened to be a game where you sh0ot things. We rode it 3 times! Are you sensing a pattern or two here? Grandpa Cameron also bought him a cool gun which he took on every ride. On Pirate's, he made sure to shoot all the pirates we passed.
Day 1 waiting to get into California Adventure. He was so excited, but he had no idea what he was excited for!
On Flicks Flying Adventure with Kirsten.
Sitting on Grandpa Cameron's lap on the Jungle Cruise.
Waiting in line with Heather.
In Goofy's house. We had a lot of down time since both Tyson nor I could ride a lot of the rides everyone else rode, so we played in Toon Town for quite a while. He LOVED Goofy's house, and actually said it was his.
On the Catepillar Train ride in a Bug's World with Grandma Jenni.

2011 has been full of, well, crazy Tyson stories. Tyson was quite the sassy and busy 2 year old! One day he shaved his face with my razor, luckily no permanent damage was done. Another day, he and Scott were home sleeping while I was grocery shopping, and I came home to learn he'd woken up without his dad's knowledge and poured himself a bowl of cereal complete with milk. We found him like this:
Yes, that's pink highlighter all over his arms and face. Note to fellow parents: Pink highlighter does not come off with soap and water. It just fades over time. Hey, I was happy it was only on his skin, not his clothes or the walls!

He also spent the night at Grandma Jenni's and Grandpa Cameron's one night and woke up the next morning to help himself to banana bread and Grandpa Cameron's iPod Touch. Who knows how long he was awake before anyone heard him!
At home one morning he flooded the bathroom because he was "taking a bath" fully clothed in the sink with hand soap. Twice.
But the scariest one of all was when he woke me up one morning and I went straight to the bathroom. While in said bathroom, I heard the front door open. I threw some clothes on, ran downstairs and found the front door slightly open, and Tyson gone. After gathering neighbors to search, calling the police, praying a bazillion times, and searching the neighborhood for what seemed like hours (it was probably only 20 minutes, worst 20 minutes of my life), a neighbor (whom I'd never met before) brought him home. Apparently he was looking for the "pink ds" (Which his cousin Whitney owns, she lives in Denver), and the nice neighbor found him wandering around, asked him where he lived and brought him straight home. SO glad he knew how to tell the neighbor where he lived, and even more glad this neighbor was not a creeper! Scott promptly installed one of those hotel lock things on the door so he can't sneak out as easily. Although I wouldn't put it past him to double stack chairs just to get that unlocked.
It also took 3 tries, but Tyson is finally potty trained! What finally did the trick, you ask? The promise of Spiderman underwear. Who knew?! So, I don't have to buy or change diapers for exactly 2 months, then it's back to it with Cooper!

Funny things Tyson has been saying or talking about lately:

-He's convinced he has a girl baby in his tummy. Her name is Jason. (He love's his uncle Jason, but he doesn't really have the concept of gender down yet).
-He's been saying prayers by himself for a few months now. He always blesses his video games or movies. We know what's important to him.
-He's very excited for his brother Cooper to come. I think he's going to be VERY disappointed when he see's that Cooper can't play with him quite yet.
-During dinner prayer the other night (which he was saying, like always), the timer for the rolls went off and he stopped the prayer, made some sniffing noises and said "I smell something!"
-That same night he stuck his face on my bottom and said 'It's stinky!' to the whole room. Yes, he's been very obsessed with smells lately. And in my defense, I did shower that day.
-Speaking of prayers, another night Kirsten was frying up the dinner but we (Tyson) were saying dinner prayer. She stopped folding her arms to flip what she was frying, and Tyson stopped the prayer, looked over at her and whispered, "Ki-Ki, we're having prayer! Ki-Ki!"
-His favorite shows are Word World, Blue's Clues, and Spiderman
-He's very attached to his daddy. And if we're with Grandpa Cameron, he's very attached to him. That night I said he stayed the night at my parents' house, when Scott and I went to pick him up, he ran right passed me SO excited to see his daddy. He did not even glance at me. Broke my heart. But, he still loves me, I'm sure of it!
-He still LOVES to dance. His favorites right now are Justin Bieber's "Baby", and of course Imagination Mover's music.
There are a hundred other adorable things he does and says. He cracks me up every day, which makes up for all the mischief he's causing. He's a busy kid!

That's mostly what we've been up to the last little while. I'm keeping Scott's graduation for a separate post, the guy deserves it!


Tiffany said...

I LOVE the attitude in the marker picture! That is so Tyson! And Tyson being pregnant with a baby named after Jason...priceless. (Although Jason says he is going to have a talk with Tyson when he is old enough to understand the difference between boys and girls. Jason doesn't think it is as funny and cute as I do!)
We miss you guys tons! We hope to be able to come see you in the near future!

Travis said...

Oh what?! Disneyland?! My wife could have totally gotten you guys discount tickets or some fast passes or something since she works there as a tour guide...I'm a lame friend.