Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Good Outweighs My Bad

It's been a LONG day, a day full of yelling at the dog who's barking at the cat and biting at the baby (yes, he's 2, but he's still 'the baby'), and yelling at the cat for whining because the dog won't stop barking at him or biting at him or bugging him all together, and yelling at the baby because he's mad that I took away the DS, or won't let him watch Flushed Away (for the 4th time today), or hitting the dog (for the seven hundredth time today)-with a hanger, a paint stick, a (wet) paint brush, a movie, a toy, a bat, a wii remote, a you get the point. It's also been a day of about 15 work calls in between everything, touching up the paint, more work, cleaning (not that you can tell by the pictures I'm going to post), unpacking, changing diapers, feeding the 3 kids (S hates when I include the dog and cat as one of the kids, but what do you expect, I do all the same things for them as I do for the human child; feeding, cleaning, chasing, crying over, etc.) doing laundry, folding laundry, hanging laundry, putting laundry away and so on. Don't get me wrong, I've found 'me time' somewhere in this 14 hour day where I've checked my facebook, paid my mortgage (first time!), played with my bank account trying to figure out how we can afford a new bed (S says he's sick of sleeping so close to me, which, surprisingly, doesn't hurt my feelings, probably because I feel the same way), read way too many blogs (design blogs, craft blogs, crazy mom blogs, etc.), made cookies (which ruined my diet, but I feel justified because I halved the recipe, although it was because I didn't have enough oatmeal for the full recipe) and took an hour nap. Anyway, by the afternoon, after I'd read about 25 pages of FML through out the day, I was feeling pretty crappy (not solely because of FML, but the dog and the baby and the cat and the house were making me crazy!), so I deleted the FML app from my phone, read my scriptures for the day, and decided to think positively. I've been trying to think of all the things I have to be grateful for, which is an incredible amount of things, and I feel better. Still slightly crazy; in between 'counting my blessings', I still had to yell at the dog, shut off the DS, listen to the baby scream because the DS was shut off, finish touching up the paint, etc. And to make matters worse, I just about finished the blog and deleted a TON of stuff on accident, so here goes a second round. Anyway, It's been so long since I last blogged, so I thought I'd share my grateful list, mainly because it shows a lot of what's been going on over at the N house. So here it goes (in no particular order):

The Baby
Yes, he's climbed up onto the counter (notice the chair pushed against the sink used as a stool), and when he realized he got caught, he starting doing a little dance for me up there. This is mid dance move. He's hilarious! Yes, he did step on the dogs head almost crushing her skull multiple times today (despite being told 'no' multiples times as well), but when I put him in time-out for it, he looked at me with the cheesiest grin (which S says is the same one I make when I'm 'in trouble'). How can you resist that cuteness? Hard to stay mad! At least the cat is happy that he's getting a break from Tyson torture time!

Well, we finally bought a house! I know, we've been talking about it for ever, but we finally did it and we moved in about 2 weeks ago. We're totally loving it, and SO grateful. It's the perfect house for us. It was in great shape when we moved in except for the walls. They needed paint REALLY badly. So here's the before and after photo's of the front door entry area:

Okay, so it's not the same angle, but hey, it's close. I guess I could have moved that large bag of trash in the middle of the photo, huh. That bench is going upstairs because there isn't quite enough space for it (where it would have gone perfectly had there been enough space). That green viney looking thing behind the glass banister (yes, the builder put glass in the stairway. Most stupid thing EVER! Really, what were they thinking? Now I get to windex it daily from finger prints and dog slobber, not to mention how ugly it is). Anyway, the green viney thing is just a sheet covering up the mini crib that we are storing upstairs. Why it's parked right there in the middle of the walkway going up the stairs, I'm not sure. S only made it halfway up the stairs, and for an unknown reason, he did not take it to it's proper resting place. And I'm not strong enough to carry it the rest of the way. Anyway, It's wrapped in the sheet because we are not planning on using it anytime soon (No, I'm NOT pregnant, and I know you're thinking 'what kind of mormon mom has a 2 year old, but doesn't have another, or another one on the way, and is (gasp) still using birth control? Well, that kind of mormon mom is me!) Okay, so back to the house. It took us 3 weeks, yes 21 days, (today being the 21st) to finish painting the downstairs (well, the great room and kitchen). Why, you ask, did it take so long? Well, apparently cleaning all the walls, painting the whole ceiling, and painting all the walls and all the trim takes a very long time. And, it's a pain in the...We painted the walls a light blue, which we thought would be much more gray, but we're still very happy with the way it turned out. We also painted the ceiling a brighter white (which really brightens up the room), and the baseboards a brighter white as well. I'm sure nobody will ever be able to see the difference (aside from the blue, I mean), but it's us that we're worried about here, not everyone else. We're moving on to painting the upstairs next. We have all the supplies, just need to find the time.

The Kitchen

Oh, how I love my new kitchen! It's large and I love the layout. Here's some before and after photos:

I bet the only difference you can see is all the crap on the counters in the after photo. The walls are now blue though. I know, our appliances aren't matching. The house had black appliances already in place except for the fridge (apparently I'm the only person in the world that likes white better than black), and we were given the white fridge by a dear friend. So, no matching appliances for us. Anyway, love love love it. I've been doing a lot of cooking in it, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

The Husband
So, when we moved into the house, the garbage disposal was broken. He fixed it, which saved us at least $100. The AC broke (okay, it didn't break, let me explain), and he figured out what was wrong. It had something to do with the breaker, I really don't know for sure what. But, with out him, I would have had to hire someone to flip a switch. He's also put a ton of work into making our house beautiful. He works so hard for our family, and he's an incredible dad and husband. Also, he's the hottest guy I know (I know what you're thinking, he's the hottest guy you know too ;) Plus, he gave me this (which is next on my list):

The Dane

Okay, so I have many reasons to post about her. First off, S absolutely did not want a large dog. But, because he loves me so much, and he knew how happy it would make me, he let me have Scout. Okay, some may not see her as a blessing, but let me tell you a story. A week after we got her, she got terribly ill. She had Parvovirus (aka Parvo). Dogs will die from Parvo without treatment, and a lot of times they'll die with treatment. We had to give her medicine hourly, give her fluids (yes, through a needle), and try to get her to eat. Although the treatment cost us a small fortune, we were SO thankful when only 3 days later she had improved enough to start eating again (She went 4 full days without eating a thing, except for the two syringes I force fed her full of disgusting egg, cottage cheese, watery mush). Her recovery time was very quick, and we were so thankful that she did recover (a large percentage of dogs die even with the best treatment). She is also the best puppy I've ever met. She potty trained very easily, she listens fairly well, and she LOVES Tyson, and S and I. And we love her too!

Those are the big blessings, now here are a few other things:
My iPhone. Seriously. I. Love. It!
Brushing my teeth right after I put Tyson to bed because it actually stops me from snacking while I wait for Scott to get home. I also love the quiet alone time I get for that little bit, but I do miss S!
My family. Okay, they are a 'big one' too. They're seriously great, and I couldn't have a better family! (This includes in-laws and extended family)
Hot Dogs. And the fact that they're Tyson's favorite food. They are the easiest thing I can make for him, and he actually eats them!
Costco. Addicted lately!
The fact that S actually likes me to get my nails done. Well, he's fine if I don't, but he likes the way they look, so he doesn't mind me spending the money on it. Awesome, right?! It's a great break from life, too!
Lake Powell. I can't wait to get away for a full week with family and no phones! I know I said I love my iPhone, and I do, but I will enjoy the break!
My Cat. I didn't want him to feel left out. He gets jealous very easily.

Anyway, tomorrow brings a new day. It will be a great day, and I'll still have lots of things to be grateful for. I truly feel blessed, and I'm incredibly happy with my life. I feel like one of the lucky ones.


Anonymous said...

Wow Brianne! You have a very busy life! I am glad you posted! We are so happy for you guys and your new house! It is gorgeous! And it's awesome to think of all the positives like that!

Jenn said...

I love the post!! Sounds like you've been fully inducted into house-owning motherhood! Well, add a few more kids to nag and yell at and then you'll go up the ranks!

House looks great! And I soooo wish we were going to Lake Powell. Both Brian and I need a break with no phones, or drs, or therapy, or work. Oh well, we'll "carry on".

This and That Creations said...

Congrats on being all growed up! You are adorable and I love you to death! Your mum must be so proud! Kisses and we all need to get together again!