Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teeth and Ears

Tyson got his first tooth last Friday! I would post pictures, but Tyson will not allow us to get a good look at it, so there is NO way we are going to get a picture. I've only actually seen the tooth twice. He really only lets us feel it, and refuses to open his mouth in a way to let it be seen. We went to the doctor today, and she confirmed he's going to be getting two on top and the other bottom one as well very soon (very swollen gums). That's why he's been so slobbery!

Poor Tyson has been sick since Sunday. He was fine all morning on Sunday, and it was Scott's turn to take him to Priesthood, and by the time we were out, Tyson was burning up. We thought it was because he was teething, but we weren't sure. We brought him home, took his temperature which was about 102, and gave him some tylenol. He ran a fever that whole night, so I set my alarm every 3 hours to give him tylenol (because his fever was getting up to 103.7). By the morning, he was doing much better, so we didn't call the doctor (thinking it was the flu or something). Then Monday night, he got a low fever and was a little fussy. He had a hard time sleeping, but not bad. By Tuesday morning, he was fine. So, still didn't call the doctor, thinking it was just a virus (I feel really bad about it now). Tuesday night (after the doctors office was closed), he got a low fever again, and would not sleep or drink his bottle (he usually loves his bottle), and was really fussy (for Tyson, anyway). We kept a really close eye on him that night (he slept in our bed with us), and we called the doctor as soon as their office opened this morning. They got us in right away, and it turns out he was a horrible ear infection on the right side. Poor kid! He was just such a good boy, we didn't know how bad it was. He's now on antibiotics, and he's finally snoozing (it's a miracle, after his lack of sleep the last 24 hours). He also finally took a (small) bottle this afternoon. He'll be fine in a few days, I just feel like a horrible mom for not taking him in sooner!


Miss Megan said...

Don't feel like a horrible mom Bri! I have seen many mom's who rush their child to the ER and the first sign of ANYTHING! For example: we had really nasty ice covering the roads about a month ago and a mom came into the ER where I work and the baby just had GAS!!! She said she almost got in a wreck b/c the roads were iced over so bad. ugh, I was so angry with her! She could have hurt both herself and her child. Point being, your a great first time mommy! :)

Jennerator said...

You are not a horrible mother, I only take my kids in if they are bleeding profusely and need stitches.... Other than that, I just wait to see the good ol' doc.

In any case, teeth are terrible coming in. I hope he gets most of them at once, because drawing it out is miserable.