Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the Back Yard

Tyson loves to be outside. He loves walks, and he'll even fall asleep peacefully in his stroller if we're taking a walk outside. (He never falls asleep peacefully unless he is in his own bed with his snuggly). So Here's a cute picture of him outside with Grandma Jenni when Kirsten and I were taking pictures:

Look how stinkin' cute he is:

Tyson's new favorite thing is to kick. He kicks everything. He'll stand up, holding onto me, the couch, or whatever he can, and kick whatever is near him on the floor. It can be his pacifier, a ball, clothes, or anything else lying around. Last night we were at the adult session of Stake Conference, and he was sitting on the floor with his legs spread out but curved, and he was kicking his pacifier back and forth between his legs. When he kicked it too far away, he grabbed it with his hand, and tried to put it back between his feet because he thought it was so fun. It was hilarious! We're going to have to sign him up for soccer, much to his father's dismay! Here's Tyson, kicking a hole in the ground:

Tyson HATES having his diaper changed now. If I can even get a clean diaper on him, I'm lucky. He's the master escape artist, so if he gets away without pants, I let him go if I've already been working on the diaper change for way too long! (sometimes it takes a full 5 minutes for the whole thing)

Lately, Tyson has been doing this funny scrunchy nose laugh thing. He opens his mouth wide, scrunches his nose, and breathes/laughs really loud. It's really funny, and I have no idea where he got it. He does it all the time! Here it is in action:

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