Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Pie Fest!

I know it's been a while since my last blog. We've been super busy with family over Thanksgiving, which was SO fun. The Carlson's, Kristen and the girls, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Sandy, Uncle Eric and Aunt Stephanie all made it to Arizona. We had a blast. Wish it could have lasted longer! As for Thanksgiving dinner, it was delicious, thanks to my amazing mom (and all the other helpers). We had a total of 11 pies (we had 14 people total for Thanksgiving dinner). Crazy! And some of us don't even like pie (unless it's chocolate...mmm). Kristen and the girls came on Friday and brought 3 or 4 more pies on top of that. Needless to say, everyone had exactly what they wanted. Scott decided he was not going to eat as much sugar after this weekend. When I asked why, he said "Bri, I ate 4 slices of pumpkin pie in 1 day!" (not to mention the other kinds he had) He had "duh" written all over his face! Tyson LOVED having all the kids around. Anytime any of the girls would pay attention to him, he would laugh and laugh. HE especially loved little Tessa (she's 2 months older than him). They played toys on the floor together which was adorable. I think he was much more fascinated with her than she was with him. He's feeling a bit lonely now that it's all over. I'm sure he's thinking his mom and dad are boring!
We were really sad we didn't get to make it up to Utah for Thanksgiving. We missed all our family up there. We are needing to plan a trip as soon as possible!
I'm so thankful for Scott and Tyson, my parents and siblings, and the rest of my wonderful family. I'm thankful for our friends, our cats and dog, our home, and chocolate. I'm especially thankful for the Gospel and the peace and happiness it can bring into our lives.

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I sure wish we were there...